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Top Ten Seitan Recipes

Seitan is high quality wheat protein, made into a meaty product that is good in a multitude of recipes. Here are my top seitan recipes, including recipes for making your own seitan.

1. Argentinian Seitan Stew

Traditionally made with beef, this vegetarian version of the Argentinian classic is made with wheat protein, or “seitan”, and is just as rich and delicious. This is a quick stove-top meal your whole family will enjoy, especially served with a homemade bread.

2. Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup

Here is a version of chicken noodle soup that is totally vegetarian, yet just as tasty as the traditional version. Use any chicken flavored seitan or textured vegetable protein (TVP or TSP) soaked in hot chicken style broth for 15 minutes.

3.Orange Cashew Seitan

The seitan in this Hawaiian-inspired dish can be the homemade variety made from vital wheat gluten, the type found in the produce section of supermarkets, or the canned variety, such as found in Cedar Lakes Terkettes. This is a low fat, high protein, delicious vegan dish!

4. Curried Seitan W/Spicy Green Beans

Companion Foods makes an inexpensive and delicious variety of braised gluten, or seitan. Here is one that has a curry and ginger flavor. We have accented those flavors and added green beans and onions.

5. Turkey Style Seitan

Here is a way to approximate the taste and texture of Cedar Lakes Terkettes. This seitan will work well in any of the Terkettes recipes on this site. Once made, the seitan may be frozen with its broth in one-cup freezer containers and easily defrosted for individual recipes.

6. Stewed Chicken Seitan

Many recipes that call for chicken can be readily converted to vegetarian recipes through the substitution of “chicken” seitan. Here is an easy, baked seitan recipe that is loaded with wheat protein. Try it in your favorite recipes.

7. Salami Seitan

This is an easy way to make a spicy vegetarian seitan that can be sliced and used as cold cuts, or diced and added to many casseroles and soups.

8. Salami Pasta Salad: Vegetarian

Use our recipe for Salami Seitan to make this delicious pasta salad, or use your favorite vegetarian cold cuts.

9. Vegetable Phyllo Squares

For a lovely vegan, light luncheon dish, this easy phyllo dough recipe does the trick. Serve it with carrot/raisin salad and a light dessert.

10. Lentil Stew with Seitan

This is a dish that will make you feel well, because it has a rich blend of nutritional factors and absolutely no added fat, butter, or oil. You will want more than one bowl of this!

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