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Sunflower Consolation

I was sad to be without my usual Hügelkultur vegetable patch this year, but the leach field that was many feet beneath it had to be excavated and redone. I settled for a simple container garden instead, and so far, it has been fun and fairly successful. I have tomatoes, arugula, mustard greens, mint and basil, in addition to my yard staples (rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender).

A nice surprise came when a huge number of wild sunflowers volunteered for service where the Hügelkultur had been. They have grown to nearly twelve feet tall now, and make a cheery statement in the tiny yard. Next year I may plant some Russian sunflowers, the ones with huge blossoms and larger sunflower seeds. Won’t that be a joy?

This season I have learned that a setback can turn out to be an opportunity for something new to take hold. I am finding consolation too, in my new approach to gardening; the sunflowers have given me that.

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