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Dehydrating Epazote

Deydrating Epazote

Epazote is a pungent herb that is used to enhance the flavors of beans and make them more easily digestible. It has carminative properties, which means it reduces the gas associated with beans. Fresh epazote can be difficult to find in the grocery stores in my area, even in Mexican shops. However, recently I was fortunate to find bunches of the herb in a dollar store. I bought four of them, and used my dehydrator to process enough for a year!

To dehydrate epazote, clean the sprigs thoroughly, dry fully, then remove the leaves from the stems. Place the leaves in a single layer on racks in your dehydrator and process for 4 hours, or until completely brittle, at 115-125 degrees F. Once dehydrated. Crush the leaves roughly over a sheet of wax paper, then funnel them (with the paper) into a jar. Seal tightly and use within 12 months.

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