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Frozen Burro Bananas

Frozen Burro Bananas

Thanks to good friends of this blog, we were able to learn about Mexican burro bananas, a delicious treat. They are more squat than regular bananas and have a triangular or squarish shape. They are often called Chunky bananas, and have a tangy lemony banana flavor. They also seem creamier than regular bananas.

When ripe, the skin of the burro banana is yellow with black spots. The flesh is creamy white or yellow and the fruit will be soft with some firmness toward the center when ripe.

Frozen Burro Bananas

Our favorite way to use them is in making Frozen Burro Bananas. This could not be simpler. Just peel the bananas, put them on a skewer or Popsicle stick, wrap the bananas in plastic baggies, and freeze. If serving them to children be sure not to use a sharp skewer.


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