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Easy Banana Fried Cakes

This easy recipe makes good use of very ripe bananas. The fried cakes need no added sugar, but you may sprinkle them with sugar or coconut for an extra treat.Easy Banana Fried Cakes

Makes 16 small fried cakes.


  • 2 big ripe bananas
  • 8 slices white soft bread
  • vegetable frying oil


  1. Cut each banana in (8) chunks, removing any too-soft parts. The chunks should be about 1″ x 1/2″ in size.
  2. Trim crusts from bread and cut each slice in half from top to bottom. Place a tablespoon or two of water on a small plate and quickly dip one bread piece in the water; flip it over and quickly dip the other side. Repeat with remaining bread, adding a bit more water if needed.
  3. Press the excess water out of each bread piece by placing it between your palms and pressing down.
  4. Lay a banana chunk in the center of each bread piece and wrap the bread around, molding it until it completely encases the banana. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.
  5. Heat 1/2 inch or more of oil in a wok, heavy pot, or skillet until it reaches about 365 degrees F.*
  6. Fry the banana cakes a few at a time, turning carefully with a slotted spoon at least once. When they are light brown on all sides (this only takes a minute or two), remove to a towel lined plate to drain off excess oil.
  7. Serve plain or sprinkle them with dessicated coconut, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, raw sugar, etc. Best served warm.

*If you do not have a thermometer, drop a 1 inch square of bread into the oil. If it takes 60 seconds to brown, then the oil is at 365.

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