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How To Pressure Cook Soybeans

How To Pressure-Cook-Soybeans

Soybeans contain complete protein and are very helpful in a vegetarian diet. I make a large batch and freeze a few cups to use in various recipes.

Makes about 5 cups.


  • 2 c dried soybeans


  1. Rinse beans 3 times and check for pebbles.
  2. Place soybeans in a 5-quart or larger pressure cooker. Add 4 cups water.
  3. With cooker uncovered, bring to boil on high heat. Turn off flame and cover with lid and pressure valve. Allow to stand 30 minutes.
  4. Drain off water. (This is an important step in preventing foaming and malfunction of the cooker.) Rinse beans and drain again.
  5. Place 3-4 cups of fresh cold water in the pressure cooker with the beans. Cover and apply valve. Bring to boil on medium high (valve will jiggle).
  6. Lower temperature a little until valve barely continues jiggling. Cook 10 minutes.
  7. Leaving cooker covered, turn off heat and allow beans to stand for 20 minutes, or until the pressure has released.
  8. Use beans immediately, or cool and store in refrigerator/freezer for later use.

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